How To Make Your Own Picture Communication Cards

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Anyone can make picture cards. All you need is a word processing or presentation program, the Internet, and a printer.

First, make a list of picture cards needed for clients/loved ones. Then, search online for images that best represent those activities or items. Cut and paste those images into a presentation program (e.g., Microsoft Power Point), resize the images when needed, and then send off to the printer.

Some people use word processing programs (e.g., Microsoft Word), but I prefer presentation programs because of their ease in formatting.




Step 1: Open Presentation Software (Power Point), Edit Page Size, Insert Card Boundaries

Select File >> Page Set Up
Change Width to 8.5 inches
Change Height to 11 inches




**Note: If a pop-up states that your “page size exceeds the printable area” click either “OK” or “Fix”.





Step 2: Draw lines

Center top to bottom
Center side to side






4Step 3: Find Images

Google an activity
Select “Images”





Step 4: Select Image and Save In Files

Drag your image from the Internet to your desktop
From there, drag your image to your personal storage folder






Step 5: Insert Image In Presentation Software (Power-Point)

  • Drag the image from the file folder to the Presentation Software (Power-Point)





Step 6: ResizeImage In Presentation Software 

  • Resize the image to a quarter of the page
  • Grab a corner and pul in desired directions




Step 7: Add Text

Insert >> Text box
Label activity





11Step 8: Add More Pictures







IMG_3764 (1)

Step 9: Laminate, Cut into Cards or Punch Holes and Keep In Binder







If you would like to buy picture communication cards for older adults, visit one of these sites:

Download a PDF version of these instructions.

Download a power-point template.