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From Blog to Blog: Emphasizing Dr. Laird’s Advice to Those With Dementia

I try to keep up with many resources in aging — scholarly journals, news media, and fellow bloggers. This week I ran across a new blog — Dr. Rosemary Laird’s Caregiver Corner. Dr. Laird was the AGS Clinician of the Year in 2013 after establishing a caregiver center, case management…


Medicare Highlights

On Monday I attended the DC Senior Resource Group (DCSRG) meeting for the second time. The DCSRG is a networking event for people who work with the aging population. It’s held once a month at the Methodist Home church in Northwest DC. This month, Alfred J Chiplin, Jr. or “Chip,” a…

GSA 2013

The Gerontological Society Of America Conference

This past weekend I attended my first Gerontological Society of America conference. I have attended conferences in behavior analysis and geriatric medicine, but never the year’s largest gerontology conference, where researchers and clinicians in biological, behavioral, and social disciplines gather to discuss issues in aging. The theme, “Optimal Aging Through…

Path to 2025

The Path To 2025

Nearly 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day. It is estimated that by the time these individuals reach age 85, one in every two will develop dementia. This will drastically change the way older adults spend their golden years and poses a serious impact to our economy and healthcare industry….

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Where To Find A Geriatrician?

Geriatricians are physicians for older adults. They specialize in diseases associated with aging — dementia, bone loss, incontinence, heart and lung diseases, arthritis, diabetes, hearing loss, and Parkinson’s disease among others. Geriatricians are also trained to recognize frailty, multiple medical problems, and provide caregiving advice. They have a rich understanding…


Family Caregivers, Now More Than Ever

To all of our caregivers, I salute you. From caregivers of individuals with dementia, to the men and women who care for vets, to the families of individuals with disabilities and illnesses, I salute YOU. November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, as well as National Family Caregivers Month. Officially…


What Is Dementia?

Around the age of 40, normal aging begins to occur. Individuals experience changes in their senses (vision, hearing, taste, smell), sleep patterns, and heart, blood, and lunch circulation. Adults also experience changes in the brain – it becomes more difficult to pay attention, process information, and multi-task. This is normal…